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Ecuador Retirement Residency Visa


Ecuador retirement residency visa. It looks like I’ll be in Cuenca, Ecuador in about two weeks. Here’s the paperwork I’ll be taking. Apostilled FBI Background Check. Apostilled  birth certificate (California). Apostilled divorce decree (Texas). Apostilled AND “certified/stamped” (by the Houston Ecuadorian Consulate) my “Notice of Award” from Social Security showing more than $800 a month retirement income. Everything else I can do in Ecuador.

Ecuador Retirement Residency Visa

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. Hello Paul. Your book is clear and enjoyable. Please tell me. The first time you entered Ecuador with the intention to apply for a 9-1 visa, did you do it with a 12-10 tourist visa, or just with the USA passport without any visa?
    I’ve visited Ecuador in the past as a tourist and they stamped my passport at the airport, valid for 90 days.
    The reason I’m asking is to know if the 90 days are sufficient to obtain the residence, and if it’s not then what would we have to do to extend the stay in the country until all the requirements are met? Also, we heard the government fee for the 9-1 is $550. Is that right at this time or how can we find out? Thanks!

    • Paul Acee

      Hi Ed,
      The current fee for a residency visa is $550, that went into place effective the first of the year, 2016. The 90 day visa, T-3 stamp, when you enter the country is all you need to then apply for a 9-1 residency visa, that’s all I used.

  2. Hello Paul: I’ve another question you may not have heard before. ☺I’ve a certificate of naturalization (American Citizenship since 1972) It’s against USA law to copy, reproduce or alter this certification in any way or form.
    The question is, will this certificate be accepted in Ecuador in lieu of a birth certificate, which I have also but it is from a third country I’ve have not visited in many, many years. No family there. I’m retired.

    • Paul Acee

      You don’t need a birth certificate to apply for a residency visa. Bring whatever you used to obtain your passport and that should be sufficient for the cedula which is the government I.D.

  3. Thanks Paul. I appreciate your info. Maybe we will have the pleasure to meet at my favorite restaurant in Cuenca. Have an excellent day.

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