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My 9-1 Residency Visa is Being Processed


My 9-1 Residency Visa is being processed. Cuenca Immigration approved my documents this morning. They took my photo, I paid the $30 application fee and now I wait. It should be about six weeks till it’s approved by the Foreign Ministry and then I’ll have my Visa.

Note: I paid my translator a total of $249. By law you can’t translate the documents yourself, it has to be a third party and notarized in Cuenca (in my case). In addition to translating my apostilled Social Security “Notice of Award” letter and apostilled FBI Background Check she also “wrote” my letter, in Spanish, to the Foreign Ministry requesting residency and filled out my visa application (in Spanish). I also had her have a color copy of my passport notarized. Her contact information is in this post.

Update: My visa has been approved and I’ll be picking it up on December 18th.

NO attorney, NO “facilitator” and NO “apostille service” used or needed.

My 9-1 Residency Visa is Being Processed

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. Yeah!! So happy for you!! Can’t hardly wait for my husband and I to get there and be going through the same process around April/May next year. Oh, and love your hammock.

  2. are you saying I don’t have to worry if I don’t get the things back in the mail that are being apostil like the fbi report birth certs and marriage cert for the wife. don’t wait come with out them???

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