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Parque Paraiso (Paradise Park) – Cuenca


I started walking from El Centro on the south side of the Tomebamba heading east. It looked like about a three mile walk on the map to get to Parque Paraiso. Eventually the pathway turned into just a dirt trail with trash recepticals along the way.

As I walked along I saw a wooden walkway ahead. I got on it and started walking and it was pretty long and elaborate with a number of turns and switch backs. I thought maybe I was on the wrong side of the river and I was concerned about how to cross over when suddenly right in front of me was the lake I’d read about! I was in Parque Paraiso.

The lake has paddle boats you can use during the weekends, for free. The park is huge and georgeous and stays green all year long.

Here are some shots I took getting there and after I got there.

Parque Paraiso3 Parque Paraiso1

Parque Paraiso2 Parque Paraiso4

Parque Paraiso5 Parque Paraiso6

Parque Paraiso7 Parque Paraiso12

paradise1 paradise2

Parque Paraiso8 Parque Paraiso9

Parque Paraiso10 Parque Paraiso11

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