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The Ruins of Pumapungo – Cuenca

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The archaeological site of Pumapungo, is located on the left bank of Tomebamba River, 200 meters from the bridge El Vergel, San Blas parish in Cuenca Canton, Azuay Province.
The site is incredible (and free).  It also includes a bird aviary on site. My visit was cut short by sprinkling right after I got there that turned into rain but I will definitely be back and be spending quite a bit of time there. Many gardens, several gazebos, and lots of benches and walkways.
Here are some shots…
Pumapungo23 Pumapungo19

pumapungo26 pumapungo27
Pumapungo22 Pumapungo21
Pumapungo20 Pumapungo18
Pumapungo17 Pumapungo16
Pumapungo15 pumapungo25
Pumapungo6 Pumapungo4
Pumapungo3 Pumapungo2
Pumapungo5 Pumapungo1
You can see the llamas and Alpacas here

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  1. I never been to Cuenca, but it looks really nice. Maybe some day, it’s a bit far from Oriente where I live 🙂

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