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5th National Orchid Show – Cuenca


The 5th National, and 4th International, Orchid Show (Exposicion de Orquideas) started today in Cuenca. November 14th-16th, at the Mall del Rio Convention Center. Admission – $2.00 (Adult). The show features orchid exhibits not only from Ecuador, but from Taiwan, Japan, Italy and the U.S. as well.

I’d never been to something like this before but it was well worth the price of admission. As you walk in the first room there are orchids, bonsai trees, and some “artsy” jewelery on display for sale. The gentleman that collected the fee at the door came up to me as I was looking around in the first room and pointed out to me, in Spanish, that there was a second room!

I entered the second room and the flower smell was extremely strong. Lots of orchids on display. This is the room where the prize winners and the best of the best were on display.

Well worth $2.00, highly recommend!

Here’s a very small sampling…

Orchidshow1 Orchidshow5

orchidshow19 orchidshow2

 orchidshow8 orchidshow9

orchidshow11 orchidshow14

orchidshow4 orchidshow15

orchidshow17 orchidshow20

orchidshow21 orchidshow24

orchidflower1 orchidflower2

cuencaorchid2 cuencaorchid3

cuencaorchid6 cuencaorchid5

cuencaorchid4 cuencaorchid8

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