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The Street Performers of Cuenca


In Cuenca there are quite a few street performers. Anywhere there’s a traffic light in Cuenca it’s not uncommon to see a street artist in the crosswalk performing while the light is red.

They work for tips and it looks like they do very well at it. They’re very much a part of the ambiance that is Cuenca! They’re extremely good and very entertaining.

The first one (below) was in front of the Cultural Museum Saturday morning.

The second one was on the bridge over the Tomebamba at the end of Solano.

The third one who I call Silver Dude was on Solano across from the stadium.

The fourth was at Solano on the Tomebamba bridge.

sterrt performers of cuenca1 sterrt performers of cuenca2

cuencastreetartist1 streetartist2

cuencastreetartist8 cuencastreetartist9

The Street Performers of Cuenca The Street Performers of Cuenca

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