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Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca


I’ve been to the ruins of Pumapungo four times now and can’t get enough. It’s a nice walk along the Rio Tomebamba Trail from Solano also. Round trip it’s about a two and a half mile walk probably from Solano and back.

Anyway, nestled in the ruins at the top of the hill is a series of older white buildings that house the Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca. If you’re coming in from the front past the Cultural Museum to get to Pumapungo you have to walk right past their facility. Every time I’ve been by there, mid to late morning, I can hear them practicing.

They are a world class symphony orchestra, no doubt about it and if you visit Pumapungo you can grab a bench outside and listen to them practice! I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone else around there when I’ve been there.

Yesterday I listened to this incredible violinist that was playing by an open window (they always have the windows open). In the window below (first photo) you can see his bow.

Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca2 Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca3

cuencaorchestra1 Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca4

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