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The Stairs to Turi


Today I climbed the stairs to Turi. Turi is a local landmark, and village of about 6,000 that sits high on a hill overlooking Cuenca. It’s a “must stop” for the local tourist buses and a “must climb” for many of us that live here.

In all I think there are over seven hundred steps if I remember correctly. I’m not sure where the first three hundred are but I climbed the last four hundred or so to the top. The steps are numbered!

It was interesting to see all of the places I’ve been to from that vantage point. From the cathedrals in El Centro, to Solano leading to El Centro, and the Ruins of Pumapungo to name a few.

It was a very sunny day and like many Ecuadorians when it gets like that I carry an umbrella.

Some shots along the way and from Turi. The green space in the center of the last shot (using a 5X zoom) is Pumapungo.

turicuenca11 turicuenca10

turicuenca9 turicuenca7

turicuenca6 turicuenca5

turicuenca4 turicuenca3

turicuenca24 turicuenca22

turicuenca2 turicuenca1

Art work was added to the steps after I made this post. Check it out here.

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