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The Steps to Turi get a Makeover

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The steps to Turi get a makeover. I’ve walked the steps to Turi a number of times since I’ve been here. It’s a local landmark and village of over 6,000 that looks over the city of Cuenca, high on a hill. The Inca hundreds of years ago revered it also and at the ruins of Pumapungo there’s a formation that points to it.

It’s over four hundred steps to the top from the street below. The steps were numbered on the side facing you on the left as you walked up, in declining numbers starting at over four hundred with number one being the last step at the top. As I understand it one of the numbers was skipped by whoever did it, oops. I never bothered to look for it though.

The days of the numbered steps are gone. In it’s place artists are giving the steps a makeover, visible as you walk up the stairs.

Cuenca is known for it’s incredible and plentiful wall art and this is an excellent addition to the city.

Progress. I like it.

The Steps to Turi get a Makeover

This is what the steps looked like before

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  1. Wow! Looks lovely! I never been to that part of Ecuador!

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