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KFC Takes Customer to the Woodshed


KFC takes customer to the woodshed. About an hour or so ago I walked in the side door to KFC at Mall del Rio in Cuenca. About 10 feet behind me was an Ecuadorian male about 40 ish. There were two clerks behind the counter. One was waiting on a customer and the other one wasn’t and had her head down. No one was standing in line so I went to the front of the rope line thing to wait my turn. The Ecuadorian male that came in behind me decided he couldn’t be bothered with that and walked straight up to the counter in front of the other clerk.

Big mistake! Uh, oh! They weren’t in ear shot of me and I don’t speak Spanish anyway (very little) but I think this is what the clerk told him… “Um, who do you think you are you ill mannered piece of slime??? Get your happy a$$ over there and get in line! You see that handsome gringo over there? Yeah, the one that looks like Brad Pitt. That’s right, he was here first before you. Oh, and one more thing. Class. Get some, por favor.”

Like I said, I couldn’t hear them speaking so that’s just my best guess what was said. Anyway, after she told the guy to beat it she looked over at me and motioned me over. Man, I love this town.

 KFC Takes Customer to the Woodshed

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