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The Cedula Process in Cuenca


I actually began the cedula process in Cuenca  yesterday when I picked up my 9-1 Visa, they had me make a couple of copies of my passport next door etc. Today I returned with the copies, and a form they gave me yesterday that I filled out in Spanish using Google Translate (very easy).

I also gave them my apostilled birth certificate and apostilled divorcee decree. IMPORTANT: Neither one of those were translated into Spanish or notarized here, they were just as I brought them from the U.S. The clerk asked me if I wanted my birth certificate back, she was willing to make a copy for herself and give me back the original but I told her I didn’t need it.

I paid my $4 and in six days or so I’ll be picking up my Cedula at the “Registery”

Update: On December 30th I picked up my Cedula. Once again I filled out a very simple form I was given (at immigration) to bring with me using Google translate along with a few documents I’d also been given at immigration. Paid $5 and that was it. Nothing I brought was notarized or translated.

The next day, the last day of 2014, I had a color copy made and laminated for $1.25 that I’ll carry with me.

The Cedula Process in Cuenca

Here’s the 9-1 Visa Foreign Pension checklist that was given to me by Cuenca Immigration.

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