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New Year’s Eve in Cuenca, Ecuador


Well, this is strange. Fireworks going off here at all hours of the day or night, all year long, is about as “normal” here as barking dogs and cheap Chinese car alarms going off 24/7.

But this is different, way different, than any New Year’s Eve celebration I’ve ever seen before.

For the last week effigies have been sold all over the city, along with masks. Tonight they get burned with abandon all over town, usually stuffed with paper and some are loaded with fire crackers! Be careful! The burning of the effigies is symbolic and meant as way to say “good riddance” to anything negative from the ending year. Ok, I’m down with that.

But what’s this? If you’d like to travel in the coming year you need to run around the block carrying an empty suitcase?? And underwear, wear red if you want LOVE during the coming year and yellow if you want PROSPERITY? But wait, there’s more, Ecuadorian males (some) dress as women, block the roads, and demand money for passage! WTF!? I don’t want to know.

Back in Texas, you get drunk on New Years Eve. Watch football in the morning, with a hangover, and eat Black Eyed Peas for good luck during the coming year. None of that weird stuff!?

I hate Black Eyed Peas.

Happy New Year!

Viva Cuenca!

New Year's Eve in Cuenca, Ecuador

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