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Buying a Mountain Bike in Cuenca, Ecuador


Buying a mountain bike in Cuenca, Ecuador. After several months of research I bought a new mountain bike yesterday. It’s a GTI brand, 21- speed, dual suspension, 26″ mountain bike. I bought it at Coral at Mall Del Rio in Cuenca. It was $151, before Christmas they were $173.

I’ve been a “bike mechanic” since I’ve been old enough to walk and I’m also a Guitar Technician so I brought some hand tools with me from the states to do guitar setups and repair. A word of caution, just about everything on that bike needed to be adjusted, but I knew that when I bought it and had the tools. I also replaced both inner tubes so the valve stems would be compatible with the foot pump I purchased, what came with it wasn’t. And I replaced the plastic pedals with metal ones.

I think the bike is an excellent value at $151 and I’d highly recommend getting one if you’re in the market for one. However, I’d recommend purchasing the bike and then taking it (via taxi or car trunk) to an excellent bike shop up the road and have them go through it and set it up correctly. That would probably cost you about $5.00, I’m serious.

The shop is called “Los Angeles Bikes”, it’s located on Don Bosco on the left side of the street going east about 50 yards before you get to Tres Puentes. I bought the replacement inner tubes there at $3.50 each, a set of metal pedals for $6.00, and a bike lock (Masterlock) for $5.00.

 Buying a Mountain Bike in Cuenca, Ecuador

Los Angeles Bikes

 Buying a Mountain Bike in Cuenca, Ecuador

 Buying a Mountain Bike in Cuenca, Ecuador

On Sundays, Cuenca has mountain bikes available you can ride for free if you have a cedula. More about that here.

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

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  1. This was a very good and informative post Paul. Thank you for this.

  2. Arrived in Cuenca last week and I have been looking at the bikes at Coral. Is your bike still holding up?

    Also where did you buy the bike lock. I didn’t see them in Coral.

    • Paul Acee

      My bike is doing fine, I’m on my second set of tires. I wore out the first set. I ride it every day.
      I bought the bike lock at “Los Angeles Bikes” on Don Bosco.

  3. Thanks. I looked at their bikes but they were a little pricey for riding around town. We are from Abilene. Live near Mall del Rio.

  4. Thanks so much for this post. We obtained the same bike for the same price at Coral yesterday. We had no time to waste in finding the right bike for a friend before we head back to the States. Your information was invaluable!

  5. Thank you Paul. I’ve really been missing my kona tika and was getting disillusioned by the prices and quality here of bikes. Today I looked at a trek skye and thought 600 was way too much.

    • Paul Acee

      I bought a new one about a year ago from Los Angeles Bikes in Cuenca.
      They built if for me from the frame up. Custom built.
      All aluminum, all Shimano, heavy duty front suspension fork, front and rear disc brakes.
      There isn’t another one like it anywhere in the world. $500. Love it!

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