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The Río Yanuncay Trail in Cuenca


In south Cuenca sandwiched between Avenida Primero de Mayo and the rio Yanuncay is an incredible trail good for walking, jogging or in my case, mountain biking. I usually start at Tres Puentes (where Solano and Don Bosco meet at the traffic circle) and go west from there. This area is also known as Parque de los Derechos Humanos.

The trail has very little traffic compared to what you’ll find at the rio Tomebamba closer to the historical district. An occasional walker, dog walker, and jogger mostly.

The stretch that I’ve been biking at goes from Tres Puentes to about three miles west, goes under two bridges, and dead ends at some steps. The trail continues west after the steps (and across the street) but I haven’t taken it yet.

If you like peaceful and scenic give the Yanuncay a visit.


The Río Yanuncay Trail in Cuenca The Río Yanuncay Trail in Cuenca

RioYanuncay7 The Río Yanuncay Trail in Cuenca

RioYanuncay4 RioYanuncay1

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yan1 The Río Yanuncay Trail in Cuenca

Would you like to ride this trail on your own mountain bike? Click here.

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. we’re having a mild winter in northern California, but your photos show a lush constant spring/summer. looks quite inviting.

  2. Looking to possibly move to Cuenca. Any additional info on biking would be greatly appreciated. How long are the trails, are they connected what neighborhoods should I look at to be close to trails I love the pics of the solo bike lanes, do they connect to the trails. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.



    • Paul Acee

      Hi David,

      I live in south Cuenca about 100 yards from the rio Yanuncay which has a great river trail as does the rio Tomebamba. I’m an avid biker and ride every day. I’m among the 3% here that uses a bike for my primary mode of transportation. The bike lanes are nice but I actually prefer the side streets, very often the bike lanes are crowded with pedestrians walking shoulder to shoulder.

      • Paul,

        Thank you so much for taking the time. That is great info, ill be checking out maps for side streets and bike routes.

        Have a great day


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