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Fuze Tea Art “Happening” in Cuenca


On the steps to Calle Larga from the rio Tomebamba, just east of Solano, Fuze Tea set up an art “happening” today. Suspended above the steps were different colored balls and on the landings were female mannequin “fashionistas” posed in numerous artsy settings.

Quite a few media people were there as well as numerous onlookers. One of the media people had a remote control drone with a camera on it hovering above taking photos.

They were handing out sample bottles of the tea and it’s pretty good. Various fruits in it (Mango, Apple, Orange etc.) but definitely tea. That’s where the “fuze” comes from I guess, fruit/tea. I’d buy it.

So, what was the art thing all about? Maybe a fuzion of old and new. The old steps of Cuenca fuzed with new.

The art exhibit didn’t impede the usual pedestrian traffic up and down the steps at all but it sure made the trip interesting.


FuzeTea4 FuzeTea2

FuzeTea12 FuzeTea11

FuzeTea8 Fuze Tea Art “Happening” in Cuenca

FuzeTea6 Fuze Tea Art “Happening” in Cuenca

FuzeTea3 Fuze Tea Art “Happening” in Cuenca

On Sundays, Cuenca has mountain bikes you can ride for free if you have a cedula. More about that here

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