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Hanging Around Cuenca’s Broken Bridge


Hanging around Cuenca’s Broken Bridge. On the north side of the rio Tomebamba in Cuenca east of Solano is what’s called the “Broken Bridge” or Puente Roto. It’s the remaining portion of an old stone bridge that spanned the rio Tomebamba and is a local landmark. It was partially destroyed in a flood in 1950.

A number of events take place there at the bridge as well as just general meetups I guess you could call them.

Last Saturday there were some young ladies with Aerial silk hanging from the bridge and doing various routines, very talented. I found a photo on the Internet of a young lady with Aerial silk at the bridge from 2011 so there’s quite a history of that there. Others were practicing with hula hoops or as they’re called here, “ula ula”, which are very popular here.

A couple of months ago I ran into a friend of mine at the bridge, also on a Saturday with some of his friends practicing Cross Fit which is a workout regimen. When he told me what he was doing there I thought he said practicing “Crows Feet” at first. LOL I’ve since learned to listen with an accent.

More often than not it seems there’s usually something going on there.

Broken BridgeCuenca1 Broken BridgeCuenca6

Broken BridgeCuenca5 Broken BridgeCuenca7

Broken BridgeCuenca3 Broken BridgeCuenca4

Broken BridgeCuenca2 Broken BridgeCuenca8

A short walk east of the Broken Bridge along the rio Tomebamba are the Ruins of Pumapungo.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Do you know where I may get some waders in Cuenca?


    Tim Strohkirch

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