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International Food Show – Cuenca


International Food Show – Cuenca.   Mall del Rio Convention Center

This was a one afternoon event at Mall del Rio today. I had just heard about it this morning. It started at 12:30 P.M. and admission was $1.

Mall del Rio is packed on Sunday anyway and of course 12:30 is an excellent time for your biggest meal of the day in Ecuador. Huge crowd at the food show.

Mall del Rio is just around the corner from me, less than a ten minute walk so I walked on over and got there around 2:00 P.M.

There were booths from many countries serving food. Many from South America and of course Ecuador, but also Central America, Europe, and even the United States (Meatloaf, Mac ‘n’ Cheese and a Salad – $5). All of the plate dinners were in the $5-$6 range. There were two very large rooms with tables and chairs that were eating areas, a very long dessert table and a bar area that had mixed drinks and beer as well as fruit drinks, soft drinks etc..

I’m sure anyone that went will tell you the Alemania (Germany) booth was the hit of the show. They were dancing behind their serving table and in front of their booth the entire time. They came to party! I had a plate of goulash from their booth ($5) and a couple of Brahma beers from the drink area ($2 each).

Here are some pics from the afternoon.

International Food Show – Cuenca International Food Show – Cuenca

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador14 InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador20

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador17 InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador19

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador13 InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador12

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador10 InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador8

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador7 InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador5

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador4 InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador3

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador2 InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador1 InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador9

InternationalFoodShowCuencaEcuador18 International Food Show - Cuenca

Last November there was an Orchid Show at the Mall del Rio Convention Center that was excellent.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I had intended to go and then completely forgot.

  2. Delightful! There’s always something going on in Cuenca. How was the goulash?

  3. Paul Acee

    The goulash was good, it was alot of fun.

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