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A Pumapungo Duckumentary



This is a Pumapungo Duckumentary that captures what I believe is this family of ducks, nine of them, maiden voyage together across the pond after being released from captivity at Pumapungo in Cuenca, Ecuador this morning.

On January 1st I noticed a pair of ducks caged in the aviary at Pumapungo in Cuenca with seven newly hatched ducklings that looked maybe a day or two old. From time to time I’ve taken a pic or two as they’ve gotten older for the last seven plus weeks. The ducklings have gotten so big it’s hard to tell them apart from the parents.

They were there late yesterday but when I peeked in the aviary this morning they were gone! I walked over to the pond and sure enough, there they were. All nine of them were eating from a tray that’s put out daily for the ducks that call that pond home.

I shot a couple of pics of them eating and drinking and then I walked around Pumapungo. When I came back by the pond they were swimming across the pond together. It’s incredible how they instinctively know to get in a formation like that.

I don’t think the ducklings are old enough to fly yet so if you can make it over to Pumapungo it’s worth the trip to see them.

duckspumapungo2 duckspumapungo

duckspumapungo3 duckspumapungo4

duckspumapungo5 duckspumapungo6

duckspumapungo7 duckspumapungo11

duckspumapungo10 duckspumapungo9

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. Thanks for keeping us up on what’s happening around our town. I walked by the aviary yesterday…
    had no idea this was here…will go back tomorrow my way to MYO to buy cheese. (BTW, I have a
    special place in my heart for ducks…I raised a duckling into ‘teen hood’ in my dormitory room in

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for all the information on Ecuador!

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