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Rainbow Trout Fishing in Cuenca, Ecuador


How to Catch a Bucketful of Rainbow Trout in Cuenca on a Saturday Morning

Trout fishing in Cuenca can be interesting. Cuenca, which means basin in English, is surrounded by the Andes Mountains. The lakes and streams in the Andes are full of Rainbow Trout. During heavy rains in the Andes the lakes and streams flood, sending tens of thousands of Rainbow Trout down into the rivers of Cuenca.

Rainbow Trout aren’t native or I guess you could say natural  to Cuenca but that’s how they get here. I don’t believe they can thrive here as a habitat and I doubt the water here is cold enough for them long term.

Many Cuencanos fish for trout here using a rod and reel and a lure or just a length of line with a lure on the end and something to wind the line around, a stick or whatever. Both methods work. I haven’t seen anyone use live bait.

The most productive method by far is to use what’s called a Cast Net. I shot theses pics last Saturday morning along the rio Tomebamba in Cuenca.

Trout Fishing in Cuenca Trout Fishing in Cuenca

The guy fishing was using about a four foot radius (eight foot diameter) Cast Net as his wife walked the bank beside him with a bucket to put the catch in. The bucket in the pic was about half full (maybe 10 pounds of fish?) when I caught up with them and she graciously let me take a pic with the lid off.

Many that fish here concede that there may be a little pollution in the rivers but they don’t think the trout here are affected by it because they’re washed down from the surrounding mountains.

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. Wow, that looks like an amazing experience..great pictures!

  2. What kind of pollution, and where does it come from? It’s hard to believe a river with that much flow being polluted.

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