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Huarmi 5K Run in Cuenca


Huarmi 5K Run in Cuenca

Sunday morning on March 8th the Huarmi 5K Run was held at Parque De La Madre in Cuenca as part of International Women’s Day. This is a ladies only 5K run and annual event held every year in Cuenca.

It’s organized by Jefferson Perez who is a national hero in Ecuador and Cuenca native born son. Jefferson Perez has won the only two medals for Ecuador in Olympic Game history, one gold and one silver. His sport was speed walking. He has a foundation that supports women and children and this event is a fundraiser for that foundation. There’s a statue of Jefferson Perez at Parque De La Madre that also has a running track.

The entry fee was $10 for the kit that got the runners a t-shirt, hat, water bottle and a chip that identified the runners from start and finish. It was a run (and or walk) event. Lots of big name companies sponsored the event. In years past they’ve raised about $70,000.

A stage was set up and a male vocalist was singing along with some taped music and a number of the sponsors had booths. Many of the streets were blocked off surrounding the park and the place was packed. I got there just after the run concluded but just in time for the after party.

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