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Caught in the act


Caught in the act

A few days ago I was going west on the north side of the rio Tomebamba trail on my bike and passed a guy under a bridge wearing a hoodie covering his head with his back to me. He had a can of black spray paint and was painting two circles. I thought he was a tagger painting graffiti.

The next day I was riding under the same bridge and the painter was back, this time with a ladder and a full compliment of different colored spray paint. The guy that I thought was a tagger the day before was actually a pretty good artist. The circles I had seen him painting the day before were the eyes.

Murals and wall art like this are all over the city of Cuenca. It’s pretty fun when you actually see these artists doing their thing. I was fortunate to also see the steps of Turi as they were being painted by two artists some months ago.

The finished work of art.

Caught in the act

Paul Acee

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