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Anarchy in Cuenca


Anarchy in Cuenca

May 1st is a national holiday in Ecuador. It’s Labor Day here as well as International Workers’ Day and political marches are held in all of the major cities both in support of, and against the government.

In Cuenca I watched most of it as it passed by Parque Calderon. From what I’ve read and saw myself the pro government supporters and the anti government supporters converged at the park together and it was hard to tell them apart after that.

Sandwiched between two labor groups were the Anarchists. Predominately young and definitely anti authority. They had their own band in the back of a truck. They were a blast to watch and listen to as they passed by and I think it’s great for democracy here that they got to participate.

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parademayfirst paradecuenca12

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One thing all of the participants had in common, including the spectators and the police is that everyone was smiling and had a good time but that’s just the way Cuenca rolls.

Everyone played their part and next May 1st we’ll all get together and do it again.

Anarchy in Cuenca

I rode my bike to get there of course.

Paul Acee

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  1. Or as I say “any excuse for a party in Cuenca!” Thanks Paul…enjoyed the photos

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