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It’s Raining Avocados


It’s raining Avocados in Cuenca and it’s not a good idea to walk under an Avocado tree here this time of year. Here’s a shot of a tienda in Cuenca. That large tree you see on the right, hanging over the sidewalk, is an Avocado tree.

It's raining avocados

When Avocados are ready to pick the stems get weak and if they aren’t harvested they fall to the ground. Avocados are definitely in season here and cheap.

I usually pay about a dollar at Coral, which is a supermarket, for three medium size Avocados. Or about fifty cents for the huge ones that Trader Joe’s in the states sells for a buck and a half each.

Not now though. Last week I bought five for a dollar from a street vender in el centro in Cuenca and a few day ago I saw a street vendor selling them at six for a dollar. Good while supplies last.

It's raining avacados

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. Great news! Putting on my shoes…there is a huge avocado tree
    right around the corner….I’ll take a bucket and…wait!

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