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Turi Xtrem Overlooking Cuenca

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Turi Xtrem overlooking Cuenca has been on my to do list since last year and I finally paid them a visit. It was early last Sunday afternoon and the temperature was a perfect 70 F degrees. I parked my bike at Mall del Rio, walked east on the autopista (highway 35) and then walked up the steps to Turi like I have many times before. From what I understand a taxi ride from the mall up the hill to Turi is about $1.50.

The entrance to Turi Xtrem is about 50 yards west of the church off the road that runs in front of it. Admission is $1 and kids are free. As you walk up the steps one of the employees will be there to greet you and collect your entrance fee.

Turi Xtrem Turi Xtrem

Once you get to the top there are quite a few things to do for all age groups. There’s a slide and some swings hanging high from the trees and a zipline for young kids with a basket that they can sit in.

Turi Xtrem Turi Xtrem

overlooking Cuenca overlooking Cuenca

There are several nice ziplines just below the canopy high in the trees for teens and adults. The harness rental for that is $4.50. It looks like a blast and I’ll probably come back and try that but this was just a scouting mission for me.

xtrem16 xtrem18

The view across from the church below is incredible but the view from up here is spectacular, and worth the price of admission alone.

xtrem23 xtrem15

xtrem14 xtrem13

There’s a small restaurant with windows facing west so you can enjoy the view and get something to eat. The food is limited though to a bowl of french fries with hotdog bits which is very popular with Ecuadorians. They have bottled soft drinks and Club beer available also.

xtrem9 Turi Xtrem

I’ll definitely be back for the view and a beer or two, and the ziplining.

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  1. You’re right, the views are spectacular. I think that alone is worth the trip. Cuenca sure seems to be a family-friendly place.

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