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Interesting Facts About Ecuador


Interesting Facts About Ecuador

One of the interesting facts about Ecuador is that there’s so much to do and see here. Last Sunday morning some friends and I drove to El Chorro de Giron from Cuenca to visit the waterfalls. El Chorro is 6 km just up the hill from Giron and about a forty five minute drive from Cuenca. The scenery between El Chorro and Cuenca is just incredible.

Interesting facts about Ecuador Interesting facts about Ecuador

July and August are considered the “dry season” in Cuenca and that’s when we get the least amount of rain during the year historically. The rivers in Cuenca are pretty low right now so that tells me there hasn’t been a lot of rain in the mountains. That’s somewhat important because if there’s a lot of water going over the waterfalls you can’t walk across the bridge that’s directly in front of the base without getting soaking wet. It was also a gorgeous sunny morning and the temperature was about a perfect 70 F degrees.

I think it’s $.30 to get in to El Chorro. $1 to park in the parking lot and then you go to the building in the photo below to buy a ticket to go up the steps to the falls. It’s $1 for residents and $2 for tourists for the ticket. Food is available including fresh trout.

There’s also plenty of room in a grassy area just in front of the building and you can bring your own food and have a picnic if you want. We saw a large family doing exactly that.

Interesting facts about Ecuador Interesting facts about Ecuador

From the building where you buy your ticket it’s just about a 5 minute walk up the steps to the waterfalls.

Interesting Facts About Ecuador Cuenca to Giron

Cuenca to Giron Interesting facts about Ecuador

Cuenca to Giron giron6

About half way back down the hill towards Giron we stopped by the side of the road and had lunch. Two very nice ladies were grilling some pollo (chicken) and some cuy (guinea pig). We had chicken. My friends told me that the chicken wasn’t like what you would get at a store and that it was free range or organic. It was delicious. It came with some white rice, seasoned potato, corn, tea and some freshly made cheese. I highly recommended eating here and I think it was about $2 a plate.

El Chorro de Giron El Chorro de Giron

El Chorro de Giron El Chorro de Giron

Giron Ecuador

Getting from Cuenca to Giron by bus looks relativity simple and I looked at that option. Buses go to Giron and back from the main bus terminal, Terminal Terrestre, by the airport.  Buses also go to Giron and back from the Feria Libre Mercado. From Giron you can either walk 6 km up the hill to El Chorro de Giron or take a taxi. From what I understand it’s about a two hour walk each way.

This isn’t mine but here’s a very nice video about 2 minutes long taken at El Chorro de Giron.

El Chorro de Giron

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