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Ecuador Travel Tip


Ecuador Travel Tip

Ecuador Travel Tip

Here’s an Ecuador travel tip you might want to consider if you’re coming from North America to live, stay for an extended visit, or just a vacation. Get a library card and bring it with you if you don’t already have one.

English language books are hard to come by here but if you have a library card from North America you can “check out” ebooks on line for free at your “local” libraries website. I’ve got two library cards (accounts) from the states and I use them here. One is from Napa, California and the other one is from Fort Worth, Texas. I use both of them.

Ecuador Travel Tip

They’re extremely easy to get and shouldn’t take more than five minutes to get one while you wait. In Fort Worth I showed them a local water bill and that was sufficient. In Napa I think I just showed them my valid Texas drivers license and they gave me one. In both cities I was in and out in less than five minutes with a library card.

I don’t have a Kindle so I use my laptop computer with a Kindle download as a reader which you can get here for free from Amazon. I’ve got my eye on this Kindle though and will be getting one soon. The battery charge lasts six weeks from what I’ve read.

There are a considerable number of places on the Internet where you can download ebooks for free or purchase them for relatively little money because it doesn’t cost much to produce them like it does with a print book. There aren’t any shipping costs either as there are with print books.

Anyway, don’t forget your “local” library in the states as a free source along with the rest of the available choices.

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  1. Hola PAUL. I will back to cuenca july & aug. I think I will move some day soon. It would be fun to have lunch with you sometime then. I live in Lasvegas now.

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