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Cuenca Ecuador Weather


Cuenca Ecuador Weather

Cuenca Ecuador weather is usually pretty predictable. You’ll have a hard time finding an accurate forecast though because there aren’t any.

Just about every day any  forecast you look at will say it’s going rain. That doesn’t mean it will. When it does rain here it’s usually never for very long and pretty light. In the almost year that I’ve been here it’s rained very hard only a few times. It does rain fairly often though and usually in the later part of the afternoon when it does.

Cuenca is pretty big area wise and it could be raining in part of the city and absolutely nothing at all in other parts. Because of that we get lots of double rainbows here that are extremely intense.

Before I came here from the states I read quite a bit about layering your clothes for different temperature conditions during the day. Here’s my experience in the almost year that I’ve lived here. Between nine in the morning and five in the evening when I’m outdoors I wear short sleeve shirts. There have maybe been about ten days that for me it was too cold to do that, not bad for a year. Your mileage may vary and I actually prefer it when it’s a little cool.

There’s an excellent chart here that has all sorts of useful information about Cuenca Ecuador weather. It breaks it down by month and uses historical information. Record highs, record lows, rainfall, sunlight hours per month etc.

I’ve found there’s an accurate predictor if it’s going to be a sunny day though. When I see people washing their clothes in the river and laying them on the river banks to dry it’s going to be sunny all day.  Never fails.

It can get chilly in the mornings and evenings though and that’s pretty much every day.

On rare occasions we’ll get pea size hail during a heavy storm. That’s usually accompanied by lightning.

Cuenca Ecuador Weather

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