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How to Retire in Ecuador


How to retire in Ecuador. Step by step instructions for rounding up the necessary documents to bring with you to Ecuador from the United States, to get an Ecuador 9-1 Permanent Residency Pensioners Visa in Ecuador without an attorney.

If you have Social Security retirement income of at least $800 a month this is for you. I’ll walk you through the whole process from rounding up the documents to applying for and getting a residency visa in Ecuador including a cedula (Government I.D.)

I’m including a considerable number of visa details, tips, advise, and a host of additional valuable information to help make your visa experience and expat transition as smooth as possible.

It’s a Kindle ebook you can read on any devise, get yours now for just $5.99   Available now on Amazon.

Update: In early 2017 the immigration law was changed and it’s no longer possible to go directly from a tourist visa to a permanent 9-1 residency visa like I did. It’s a two step process now, beginning with a two year temporary residency visa. After 21 months as a temporary resident you can apply for a permanent residency visa.

By following the guidance in my Kindle book you’ll have all of the documentation you’ll need to bring with you to Ecuador to apply for a temporary 9-1 residency visa, leading to a permanent residency visa.

How to retire in Ecuador

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. hello, I read your book and had one question about the Updated Migratory Movement Certificate. I was in Ecuador about five years ago with the purpose of getting a retirement visa but had to return abruptly to the USA. Will this show up on this document? (I have a new passport now). I plan to return to Cuenca if my initial forays have not screwed up the process.

    • Paul Acee

      HI Jay,

      You’ll be fine, you are allowed one 90 day tourist visa per year and one 180 day visa extension per year. You’ll be entering the country with a new 90 day T-3 stamp in your passport.

      Even if you overstayed your visa the last time you were here that resets after 9 months from the time you left the country to a clean slate.

      You have nothing to worry about Jay.

      Since you are coming to Cuenca you will need to apply for your visa in Azogues. It’s just a short 30 minute bus ride from Cuenca and they speak English. Cuenca Immigration no longer processes residency visas. Here’s the address…

      Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana Avenida 16 de Abril y Babahoyo, Azogues, Ecuador Tel:+593 7 407 5942

  2. thanks!

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