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Cuenca’s Independence Day

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Cuenca's Independence Day Cuenca's Independence Day

This morning I picked up Cuenca’s Independence Day Events Schedule booklet at Parque Calderon. This one is even bigger and thicker than last years.

Cuenca's Independence Day

This was the kick off event to celebrate what will be Cuenca’s Independence from Spain 195 years ago this coming November 3rd. Our highly visible mayor was there of course. After the mayor spoke they began handing out the booklets.


Events are scheduled starting today and will run through November 3rd. You can pick up the events schedule booklet at the tourist office at Parque Calderon and at many restaurants and hotels around the city. It’s also available online here.

A really good way to find out about events in Cuenca is to like the Facebook page at Municipio Cuenca.

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  1. The best thing about Cuenca is its people–that’s saying something because the culture, geography and climate look grand. Happy Independence!

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