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The PataFunk Group


The PataFunk Group

Last Friday I happened upon a band in Cuenca called The PataFunk Group. They were playing on the sidewalk beside the New Cathedral in el centro.

It’s not unusual at all to see musicians playing there or in the plazas and parks, for tips and to sell their CDs. What was striking about this band is that they looked out of place there because they’re extremely good.

A crowd of several hundred people had gathered to watch them play which is far more than I’ve ever seen before for something like that.

Every member of the band is an exceptional musician. The two six string guitar players switch back and forth playing lead and rhythm and do it seamlessly. The Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood are well know for that. Bonnie Raitt and her long time guitar player do it also.

This is the best live band I’ve seen in a long time, and free too. I hope they come back soon but next time on a real stage at Parque de la Madre.

From what I gather the band has been working their way around Ecuador doing this. I found a video of them on YouTube, check it out.

The PataFunk Group

Paul Acee

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