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Cuenca Orchid Show


The 6th National Orchid Show and  5th International Orchid Show, wraps up today in Cuenca. The Cuenca Orchid Show is an annual event here.

The venue this year is the courtyard in the former seminary next to the New Cathedral across the street from Parque Calderon in el centro. It’s an outdoor setting unlike last year where it was held at the Mall Del Rio Convention Center. Some are available for sale. Admission is $2 for adults.

Orchids can be found almost all over the world. Ecuador has 3459 species, the greatest number recorded of any country. After Ecuador is Colombia, which has 2723. After Colombia is New Guinea with 2717 and Brazil, which has 2590 species in all. There’s a pretty interesting write up here about the pollination process.

There are an incredible number of Orchids on display and here are just some of them.

Cuenca Orchid Show Cuenca Orchid Show

Cuenca Orchid Show Cuenca Orchid Show

Cuenca Orchid Show Cuenca Orchid Show

orchidshow201510 orchidshow201511

orchidshow201512 orchidshow201513

orchidshow201514 orchidshow201515

The blog post with pics I did about last years show is here.

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