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Cuenca Park Art


We have some new Cuenca park art happening in our city at Parque de la Madre. A number of trees have been cut down but the trunks have been left for some artists to turn into works of art. Chainsaw art.

Cuenca Park Art Cuenca Park Art

Cuenca Park Art Cuenca Park Art

I’ve been following this for a couple of weeks now and the process is ongoing.  Four appear to be finished with about a half a dozen or so more to go.

parkart5 parkart2

parkart1 chainsawart

Here’s one that’s in process.

parkart11 parkart7

I think when it’s all completed this could define Parque de la Madre for years to come. It’s an extremely popular park for both residents and visiting tourists. In the southwest corner is a planetarium, and there’s a large plaza in the southeastern part that’s a favorite for the city to stage events at. The plaza also sits over a large underground parking garage.

Probably much of the larger tree trunks that were removed above the remaining portions will be turned into benches, also with a chainsaw, and placed along our river trails. I’ve seen quite a few of those around the trails.

There’s a pretty good write up about Cuenca, Ecuador here.

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