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The Pase del Niño Parade


The biggest annual parade in Cuenca is the Pase del Niño parade (the Passing of the Child). It takes place every year on December 24th and goes through the historical district in Cuenca. It combines “Catholic and indigenous traditions that produces a festival of homage to the Christ child”. It’s a centuries old tradition.

The Pase del Niño parade The Pase del Niño parade

A parade is held in many Latin American cities but organizers say Cuenca’s is the largest. There are an estimated 15,000 participants, 100,000 spectators, 600 floats and 400 horses. Neighborhoods throughout the city and throughout the province participate.

Pase del Niño parade The Pase del Niño parade

There was lots of music and dancing and it’s a real party atmosphere here, not just at the parade but all over the city.

Pase del Niño parade Pase del Niño parade

paseo del nino parade paseodelnino18

The big annual family dinner here will be held tonight, Christmas eve, in homes all over the city. Followed by more partying which in Ecuador includes more dancing.

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