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Cuenca Chainsaw Art


A little more Cuenca chainsaw art. This is a follow up to a post I did a few weeks ago here.

Several very popular benches have been added since the last post I made about the Cuenca chainsaw art being created at Parque de la Madre.

Cuenca chainsaw art Cuenca chainsaw art

cuenca chainsaw art cuenca chainsaw art

I’ve been going by the park every day to check on the progress. The gentleman doing the horse head bench above is one of the artists. He’s seen me out there every day and last week he came up to me and introduced himself, we shook hands and talked about the project for a while.

He said he’d noticed some of the trees in the park were dying and he approached the city about doing this project rather than just cutting them down. They went for it obviously.

He said that Stihl Chainsaw sponsors events in both the United States and Canada that do this type of thing. I suppose that’s where he got the idea. He said they paint the finished works as a final step. He said he could do that too but he prefers the natural wood look. I completely agree with him.

I mentioned that several of the pieces were developing cracks and he said, yeah, that’s a problem. A couple of the trees had already dried out and cracked before they got started. I asked him if putting some clear sealer on them might help. He said they were probably going to do that, and they’d probably just wait till everything was finished and do all of them at the same time.

There are several artists taking part and each artist will be doing four pieces he said. The city is going to pay them upon completion.

The three benches have been a huge hit with park visitors and a nice complement to the tree sculptures.

Cuenca Chainsaw Art chainsaw8


The project is ongoing with two major pieces being created as I write this. More about that later.

Update – Here are the final two works of art.

treeart3 treeart4

There’s a pathway made of concrete pavers that bisects the running track. The art as well as the three benches line both sides of it. Here’s a shot from both directions of the pathway.

treeart1 treeart2

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