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Storm Warning

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Two words I love to hear, storm warning. Once again Cuenca’s rivers are raging.

The rio Tomebamba.

storm warning

The rio Yanuncay.

storm warning

For the first time in I think more than a year our rivers are getting some serious water. I mountain bike the river trails every day and I’m so glad to see this.

We’ve been getting a little rain locally lately but when the rivers get like this it means the Cajas are finally getting some also. An added benefit is that Rainbow Trout come washing down into our rivers from the lakes and streams in the Cajas.

We’ve come extremely close to city wide water rationing so hopefully we’ve dodged a bullet on that. From what I read a couple of months ago the water temperature off the coast of Ecuador was about 27C degrees. In February the temperature was expected to rise to 28C degrees and that would bring rain to us in the Andes. So, I suppose that’s happened.

Storm Warning

Paul Acee

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