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Cuenca’s International Food Show


Cuenca’s International Food Show is one of two annual events here that I keep an eye out for. The other one being the Orchid Show.

Like last year, this years show was on a Sunday at the Mall del Rio Convention Center, started at twelve thirty and admission was a dollar. The proceeds go to support the local cancer hospital. This is a very popular annul event and it was packed.


Last year I arrived at 2 P.M. which is entirely too late and much of the food was gone. This year, being a veteran, I went with a game plan. All of the various countries represented were in the same spot they were in last year so I knew exactly where to go. I was there when they opened and headed straight for the Mexico table and got a plate dinner, it was $6.


I brought a plastic container with a resealable lid that I had in my backpack. After the Mexican dinner I headed outside to the Spain table and bought a plate of Paella that I put in my backpack for later, also $6.

Cuenca's International Food Show

This worked out really well so I’ll do that again next year.

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. when and where was the event … please give us some lead in time next year. thank you.

    would have love to go an experience. I am a professional restauranteur and consultant for the past 50 years and have enjoyed the San Francisco and Chicago shows for many years.

    • Paul Acee

      For the past two years it’s been in February so I imagine you can count on that. I picked that up several days ago in advance from

      “Jeanne’s Peridico” is a column for them that translates local events to English from a Spanish language newspaper in Cuenca. That’s where I found it.

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