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Deportivo Cuenca

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Club Deportivo Cuenca is our local top tier professional soccer team. Deportivo in English means sports. So in English that would translate to Cuenca Sports Club.

It was founded on March 4th, 1971 and to mark it’s 45th anniversary some local artists decorated the steps leading up to the historical district across the Tomebamba from Parque de la Madre yesterday.

deportivo cuenca

I was there yesterday when they started putting that mural up. Several artists showed up with boxes of what looked like small rolls of vinyl. They unrolled them and attached them to the vertical portion of the steps. Obviously they made the mural elsewhere, cut it into strips which I’m sure were numbered so they could reassemble it on the steps. Pretty clever. The bottom portion, translated to English says 45 years of passion.

The club emblem is predominately red and yellow like the Cuenca flag and the lion is also part of Cuenca’s coat of arms.

Deportivo Cuenca

Here’s a pic of Cuenca’s flag and coat of arms.

deportivo cuenca          deportivo cuenca

Deportivo Cuenca is a Seria A team, which is the top flight soccer league in the country. Their home stadium is Estadio Alejuandro Serrano Aguilar, which was named after a former club president and mayor of Cuenca. It’s a pretty large stadium just off of Solano with a seating capacity of 22,102.

When they have a home game, vendors can be found near Solano by the stadium selling soccer fan shirts for $6 each. Tip: They’ll let you have two for $10, just ask. They sell these at some shops in town too but I’m sure for more money.

Barcelona is also in this league and has a ton of fans throughout the country including in Cuenca. When Barcelona comes to town the line will be about a half mile long of fans waiting to get in the stadium. This is a huge and loud event. Last year Cuenca beat them and by quite a bit too in one of their two matches, it was considered an upset.

In 2004 Deportivo Cuenca won the national championship and usually finishes the season in the top three.

This is their home schedule and this is their away schedule.

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  1. Hi – nice blog. Do you know how to get tickets for a Deportivo Cuenca game. I’m visiting in a couple of weeks. Cheers Miki

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