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Ecuador’s Frogs


It looks like some of Ecuador’s frogs will be getting a new home. Three habitats are being constructed along the Rio Yanuncay in south Cuenca between Avenida Loja and Tres Puentes.

One of them is very visible from Primero de Mayo on the south side of the river next to the river trail.

Ecuador's frogs Ecuador's frogs

A second one is on the north side of the river about 50 yards or so east of the first one.

Ecuador's frogs

A third one is also on the north side of the river just east of Avenida Loja.

Ecuador's frogs

Ecuador’s frogs and toads have been in the news here alot lately.  Last year several Azuay Stubfoot toads were found living in a mountain forest near Cuenca. The Stubfoot was thought to be “extinct” with the last sighting in 2002 so this was a major rediscovery last year.

Ecuador's frogs

(Stubfoot photo courtesy of National Geographic)

Ecuador is a top destination for birders around the world but it’s also a top destination for those interested in amphibians. I’ve seen tours advertised here lately that cater to that.

From what I’ve read when you spot a frog or toad in Ecuador it’s a sign of a healthy eco system since they’re very sensitive to the environment.

Ecuador's frogs

There’s an organization called Save The Frogs! that’s an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity. Fascinating website, check it out.

I’ll post more about these new habitats when I know more.

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