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Amazing “Orchid Wall”


The Amazing Orchid Wall is the theme for this years Orchid Show in Cuenca for 2016. This is the 6th international and 7th national orchid exposition in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Amazing "Orchid Wall"

The exposition started today and runs through the 27th, from 9 AM – 8 PM. The venue this year is the Casa de la Provincia across from San Blas Park. From what I’ve read it used to be a convent and then a school.

Amazing "Orchid Wall" Amazing "Orchid Wall"

This is the third year for me and I’ve posted about the two previous shows too. Last years post is here and the one from two years ago is here. The last two years the admission was $2 but this year it’s free!

Here are some of the blue ribbon first place winners in the exposition section.

amazing orchid wall amazing orchid wall

amazing orchid wall amazing orchid wall

show14 amazing orchid wall

Beyond the exposition area and into another courtyard is the area where they have orchids for sale. There’s a mind boggling wall sculpture on the western wall.

amazing orchid wall amazing orchid wall

show3 amazing orchid wall

The prices are pretty good and I picked up another Miltoniopsis hybrid for $15, I’ve got three of them now. It was actually $17 but I gave the guy $20 and he gave me back a $5 because he didn’t have any dollars.

That’s kind of funny because exactly the same thing happened when I bought one at Ecugenera in July. lol I bought a second one at their gift shop in Cuenca next to Park Iberia a few days after that.

The one I bought today is the one in the middle. It has quite a few buds but no blooms yet which is how you are supposed to buy a new orchid from what I’ve read. I saw one just like it that had blooms so I know what they’ll look like.

amazing orchid wall

The Amazing Orchid Wall (Orchid Show) is worth a visit and you can’t beat the price.

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