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Cuenca’s Amphibian Habitat Dedication Ceremony


Cuenca’s amphibian habitat dedication ceremony was held this morning at the habitat off of Primero de Mayo at Quinta Lucrecia. There were about 60 people in attendance this morning including the media which of course includes yours truly. lol

I posted about these habitats here early on during the construction phase this summer. At the time I had found three of them off the Rio Yanuncay between Tres Puentes and Ave. Loja.

Since then I’ve located two more. One is at the far eastern end of Paradise Park by the wooden walkways and the other is west of Avenue of the Americas.

I’ve found a total of five of them but there are five more I haven’t seen yet. Here’s the official general location of the ten pools. “Three amphibian pools are located on the banks of the Yanuncay River, three more on the Tarqui River, three on the Tomebamba River and one in the Parque El Paraíso “

There were a few speakers at the ceremony and at the conclusion some commemorative books were handed out to the VIP’s as a keepsake. I suspect the gentleman in the white lab coat was instrumental in making this project happen.

Of course you can’t have an amphibian habitat without some amphibians, right? Well, I’m happy to report we have some tadpoles at this location now. From what I understand at a few of the pools there are fully developed frogs there now. The species in these habitats are native to this area so they should do well here.

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  1. Hi Paul…always nice to see people focus on our natural environment and the need to keep it flourishing. Thanks for post.

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