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Yunguilla Valley’s Giron, Ecuador


Yunguilla Valley’s Giron, Ecuador is a nice day trip from Cuenca. Girón is a town and parish in Azuay Province, Ecuador. The town has about 3,500 residents, and the Giron Canton as a whole has about 12,600 residents. The elevation is about 7,000 feet.

There’s a small stretch of road between Cuenca and Giron that overlooks the Yunguilla Valley and the view is spectacular. The Yunguilla Valley is long but fairly narrow and from that vantage point you can see a cluster of orange tile roofs off in the distance that’s the town of Giron.

The highway that runs through the Yunguilla Valley also goes through Giron and that’s where you exit the bus. From there I walked downhill just to see what was there, usually it’s a river. Just by pure luck I happened upon the center of town, a modern looking church, and a park.

Close to the park a very large plaza is being constructed. It’s either new or a replacement and looks like it’s just a few months away from being completed.

Most of the town seems to be downhill from the highway. There are quite a few stores, banks, pharmacies and just about everything you’d need here. The Andes mountains are right in your face in just about every direction, it’s gorgeous here.

The main tourist attraction is the waterfalls at El Chorro that I visited about a year and a half ago. The river (Rio El Chorro) runs under the highway that goes through town.


There are about a half dozen places that looked like a good candidate for an Almuerzo so I had lunch at one of them for $2.00 before I headed back to Cuenca.

Giron is a great day trip from Cuenca and a very nice town too. The bus fare is $1 each way from the main terminal and it’s about an hour each way.

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