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Chordeleg, Ecuador’s Fine Jewelry Destination


Chordeleg, Ecuador’s fine jewelry destination is a great day trip from Cuenca. Chordeleg is a town and parish and seat in Chordeleg Canton, Azuay Province, Ecuador. The population of the town of Chordeleg is around 10,000.

Chordeleg is well known for its jewelry industry, especially gold and silver filigree jewelry.

Chordeleg means “gold waterfall” in Spanish. It’s the original Silversmith town of Ecuador. In Ecuador, you’ll still find the Spanish Guild system that started centuries ago. Guilds were groups of artisans or merchants that practice their trade in a particular town. Other Guild cities in Ecuador include San Bartolomé for guitars, Gualaceo for textiles/weaving, Otavalo for leather and San Antonio de Ibarra for wood carving.

As you arrive in town by bus the driver will pull into a dirt parking lot. From this vantage point you have a pretty breathtaking view of the Andes and the town of Gualaceo in the valley below.

The town square with it’s church, park and plaza is just a short walk away.


There are about a dozen jewelry stores close to the plaza and no more than a few blocks away from it.

Several blocks away is a nice looking mercado with fruits and vegetables. This part of town looks like most of the other small towns around Cuenca.

This is the part of town where you’ll find a number of choices for a good $2 Almuerzo also, like this.

Bus fare is $1 each way and it’s about a one hour trip by bus each way from the main bus terminal in Cuenca.

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Oh, the pictures are brilliant and so clear! The town and roads looks so well kept, would love to visit there.

    Question: Canar province , is there anything much happening there, besides the Inca ruins?

    Love your blog, true Fan!

    Appreciative, Anita

    • Paul Acee

      Hi Anita,

      Thank you. Ingapirca in Canar Province is definitely worth a trip.
      The bus goes through Azogues which is the capitol of the province on the way there and back and they have a nice town square.

  2. Hi Paul- I have been here, and several of the other sites you write about- I live vicariously through your excellent blog. Would love to see your photos and comments on Instagram. I really miss Ecuador.

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