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Cuenca, Ecuador’s International Food Show – 2017


Cuenca, Ecuador’s International Food Show – 2017, was held today. This is an annual event for me, my third year in a row. It’s billed as Cuenca’s gastronomical event of the year.

This was the 22nd Annual International Food Fair and was held at the Mall del Rio convention center beginning at 12:30 PM. Cuisine from Germany, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Mexico, Spain, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, and China was available.


All of the proceeds from this annual extravaganza benefit FASEC, that provides free or low-cost services to cancer patients and hospice care for the terminally ill.

The city of Cuenca really turns out and supports this event. The food is great, the price is great, and it’s for a good cause. This year I had exactly the same thing I had last year. A Mexican dinner and some Paella
to take with me for later.

As I mentioned this is the third year in a row for me and I did a post about it last year and two years ago also. Both of those posts have had quite a bit of traffic in the last two days and I imagine this one will too just before the event next year. If that describes you I have a tip for you.

Most of the food is prepared and cooked off-site so it’s important that you be there when it starts at 12:30 P.M. because when it’s gone, it’s gone. Something I like to do also is get a plate to eat there and another one to take with me for later in a plastic container with a lid that I bring with me. Something to think about.

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