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Best Pharmaceutical Prices in Cuenca, Ecuador


The best pharmaceutical prices in Cuenca, Ecuador that I’ve found. This is a follow up to a post I did about buying prescription drugs in Ecuador. If you haven’t read the first one you might want to read that one also.

This is strictly for out of pocket purchases. Based on the previous post about pharmaceutical drug availability I wanted to do another one based on price only.

Using one pharmaceutical drug for my survey I got quotations from a number of pharmacies all over Cuenca. For 30 capsules Fybeca quoted me $33 (that’s without using their discount card), they were the highest in price. Most of the others I visited were in the $22- $24 range for 30 capsules.

The lowest was at a pharmacy that I was tipped off to and probably would have never visited without a “heads up”, they came in at $19.24 for 30 capsules. The pharmacy is called corporacion de desarrollo social para la ninez y la familia corpdesfa (Social development corporation for children and families corpdesfa). From what I understand it’s a non profit cooperative.

I think they have four or five locations around Cuenca and the one pictured below is directly across the street from the entrance to the Mercado 10 de Agosto

It’s not much to look at but you aren’t buying the building. lol

Paul Acee

Author: Paul Acee

Retired and living in Ecuador.


  1. Hi Paul,
    Thxs for infor. all that pharmacy will check it out.
    Also had a question: concerning areas best to live in Cuenca for Apt. rentals but don’t want to pay whole lot for 2 bdrm.. Do’ you approve of those sites lik: Gringo Tree, Gringo Post, etc…. Are they just a rip-off cuz ones a Gringo?
    Appreciate your thoughts?

    • Paul Acee

      Hi Anita,

      I’ve always lived in south Cuenca close to the rio Yanuncay.
      You should be able to get a very nice 2 bedroom 2 bath completely furnished apartment including utilities for about $450-$500 a month. I wouldn’t pay more than that. Acceptable deals can be found on the gringo sites including Craigslist but you have to hunt for them.

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