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El Patio Comida Urbana is Food Trailer Heaven


El Patio Comida Urbana is food trailer heaven and it’s right here in Cuenca, Ecuador. It’s on 28 de Febrero and is literally just a stones throw east from Tres Puentes off of Solano. It’s relatively new and opened less than a week ago.

El Patio is an outdoor food court hosting about twenty different food trailers by my quick count with every type of food imaginable.  The food trailers surround a large covered patio area and there’s a smaller area in front with tables and umbrellas.

The trailers all look new like they were specifically built for this. In fact I’ve never seen a food truck or food trailer in Cuenca before.

This might be a little off the beaten path for tourists but El Patio is already becoming a big hit with locals. I saw a pretty large group of about a dozen college age kids there that probably walked over from the University of Azuay which is only about a ten minute walk away on the other side of the Rio Yanuncay.

It’s open Tuesday through Sunday from 1 PM to 11 PM and there are restrooms in the common area. It’s still very new and some of the tables and stools are a little wobbly but they’ll work that out.

This is a great concept, it’s trendy and a perfect fit for south Cuenca.

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