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Yanuncay River Trail Heads West


The Yanuncay River trail heads west. The newest section is between Loja and Avenida de Americas on the south side of the Rio Yanuncay immediately west of where it used to end at Loja.

It looks like it’s going to be made into a liner park, that part is still a work in progress but the trail itself is open for business.

Heading west from Tres Puentes at Solano on the south side of the Rio Yanuncay the trail goes under two bridges and ends at the steps leading up to Loja. The new section of trail begins on the other side of Loja.

I used to mountain bike this part of what is now a trail when there was just a narrow dirt path, at best. About midway there was a bog where I found myself ankle deep in mud more than once so this is definitely an improvement.

On the other side of Avenida de Americas continuing west, also on the south side of the Rio Yanuncay, there’s about a two mile stretch that could really use a new trail like this. Hopefully that’s next.

Across the street from the new section of river trail on the south side of Primaro de Mayo a new park officially opened last weekend. Like most Cuenca parks it hosts playground type equipment as well as exercise equipment.


The park and the river trail were constructed in part to address Cuenca’s green space deficit.

“According to calculations made by the World Health Organization (WHO), Cuenca ranks at the lower end of the acceptable level of “green space” for its residents. WHO recommends nine to 15 square meters per capita as a minimum standard”

A considerable amount of progress has been made since that report in 2010 as Cuenca continues to add green space throughout the city.

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