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Mercadito Cuenca


Mercadito Cuenca was held today at the old School of Medicine building on the south side of the rio Tomebamba on calle 12 de Abril.

This is a historic building and a local landmark that was built around 1910. I’ve been by it hundreds of times but I’d never been through the entrance way before. I just happened to be riding my bike past it on a gorgeous Saturday morning when I saw the sign for what looked like an artisan fair going on inside.

I slammed on my brakes, locked up my bike and went in to check it out. I was really more interested in seeing what was inside past the entrance than the fair itself but that was interesting too. The fair was held in the courtyard area.

Immediately next door to the west and also part of this complex is a grassy area where food was available.

This was one of three events like this that I ran into today and there was a fourth that I knew about. This one was special though because it was held at a local landmark.

Paul Acee

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