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Surfing in Montanita, Ecuador


Surfing in Montanita, Ecuador is awesome. It’s one of the top surfing destinations in the world and is home to the best surf in South America.

As the story goes it was discovered by surfers in the early 1960’s who pitched a tent on the beach in what was then a small fishing village and never left.

Today it remains a top surfing destination. In 2013 the ISA World Masters surfing championships were held in Montanita.

Surfboard Rentals and Lessons in Montanita, Ecuador

There are a couple of places in town that rent surfboards and some places on the beach that rent them also. The rental rates are about $6-$8 for an hour, $10-$15 for the day and about $50 for a week. If you choose the day or week option you can switch boards as many times as you want for a different one.

Surfing lessons can be had in Montanita for $20, that’s the posted price on the beach.

Never Surfed Before?

As a first time surfer and thanks to You Tube here is everything you need to know to grab a board and hit the water. Beginner Surfing Lesson. At the end of the video Frank Caronna mentions a Kindle book that he has available on Amazon called Natural Surf Technique for $9.95

If you can perform that simple slide up maneuver from laying on the board to going to a crouching position you can surf.

For a first timer you might want to try surfing in Olon, it’s the next beach north and just a $1.50 taxi ride from Montanita. The surf is excellent but the waves aren’t as big as Montanita and you’ll have lots of white wash to practice with. You can rent boards and take lessons there too. Surfing in Montanita, Ecuador is very newbie friendly too but Olon is a great choice also. The photo of the surfer surfing at sunset which is my blog header photo was taken at Olon.

When to go Surfing in Montanita, Ecuador

The surfing is great year round but the high season runs from December through April. That’s when the biggest waves are present and the weather is generally better (sunny/hot) than the rest of the year when it’s gloomy or raining much of the time.

Where to Stay in Montanita, Ecuador

The choices are many from $10 a night dorm rooms, a favorite among backpackers, on up. I stay at an Airbnb location which is actually a hotel with a private room and bathroom.

This same hotel on booking (dot) com costs more than double what it costs on Airbnb, no kidding. I’m starting to see more and more of this on Airbnb where hotels advertise their accommodations but do so without publishing the name of the hotel and do it cheaper. I’m not going to name the hotel here because it would be picked up by the search engines and potentially ruin my good deal but here’s a couple of photos (wink).


The first pic is used at Airbnb so you’ll be able to identity the accommodations. The second pic you won’t find on Airbnb.

The rooms have Direct TV, Wifi, and air conditioning. Because it’s so close to the ocean the ocean breeze keeps any mosquitoes away. I haven’t seen one but if you get accommodations away from the beach you’ll have to deal with that. Even with the windows closed you’ll fall asleep listening to the waves crashing and wake up in the morning with lots of songbirds singing, it’s incredible. It’s away from the all night noise of Montanita too, it’s just up the beach about a ten minute walk away.

In addition to getting an already great deal at this location, if you join Airbnb now using this link you’ll get $25 off your first booking! I’ll get a $20 credit too if you do that, win/win.

When to book your Montantia, Ecuador reservation

I never book more than three days in advance and I check the weather forecast before I do, so that I’m assured of sunny days.

Taking the bus from Cuenca to go Surfing in Montanita, Ecuador

From the main terminal in Cuenca I take the bus to Guayaquil that leaves around 8:30 A.M., it’s about a four hour trip for $8. From Guayaquil I take the CLP bus at 1:00 P.M. to Montanita, it’s $6  and takes about two hours any forty five minutes. The CLP location in Guayaquil where you purchase your ticket is on the third floor of the terminal.

Montanita has a reputation as Ecuador’s go to party town and there are a number of night clubs that go all night long. Weekends and holidays are the busiest.

If you find yourself in this country, surfing in Montanita, Ecuador should be at the top of your list.



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